Marlene approaches the design process with calm sensitivity, artistic skill and a precise eye. Her full service design studio in Lunada Bay handles all aspects of a project from concept to city approvals and final walkthrough. Over 40 years of design experience, and a degree in environmental design from Parson's School of Design, NYC, distinguish her unique interactive approach to design.

Her work transcends 'style' to embrace the opportunities of site, structure, and human interaction. A wide ranging portfolio includes elegant estates, jewelbox gardens, natural canyonscapes, historical properties, easy care gardens, xeriscape, native friendly parks and educational school gardens.

Marlene works with a handful of seasoned top notch contractors. Each brings to the table a unique set of strengths, skills, and experience. The homeowner is able to choose the best fit for their project.

Gardens are always a work in progress. They will grow and change, becoming more beautiful and complex with each season.